Geta Tags for EPiServer CMS
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Geta Tags for EPiServer

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Geta Tags is a library that adds tagging functionality to EPiServer content.


  • Define tag properties
  • Query for data
  • Admin page for managing tags
  • Tags maintenance schedule job

How to get started?

Start by installing NuGet package (use EPiServer NuGet):

Install-Package Geta.Tags

The latest version is compiled for .NET 4.6.1 and EPiServer 11. Geta Tags library uses tag-it jQuery UI plugin for selecting tags. To add Tags as a new property to your page types you need to use the UIHint attribute like in this example:

public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

Use ITagEngine to query for data:

IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentByTag(string tagName);
IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentsByTag(Tag tag);
IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentsByTag(string tagName, ContentReference rootContentReference);
IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentsByTag(Tag tag, ContentReference rootContentReference);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(string tagNames);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(IEnumerable<Tag> tags);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(string tagNames, ContentReference rootContentReference);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(IEnumerable<Tag> tags, ContentReference rootContentReference);

##Customize Tag-it behaviour You can customize the Tag-it.js settings by using the GetaTagsAttribute. The following settings can currently be customized

  • allowSpaces - defaults to false
  • allowDuplicates - defaults to false
  • caseSensitive - defaults to true
  • readOnly - defaults to false
  • tagLimit - defaults to -1 (none)
[GetaTags(AllowSpaces = true, AllowDuplicates = true, CaseSensitive = false, ReadOnly = true)]
public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

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