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Geta Tags for EPiServer

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Geta Tags is a library that adds tagging functionality to EPiServer content.


  • Define tag properties
  • Query for data
  • Admin page for managing tags
  • Tags maintenance schedule job

See the editor guide for more information.

How to get started?

Start by installing NuGet package (use EPiServer NuGet):

Install-Package Geta.Tags

The latest version is compiled for .NET 4.6.1 and EPiServer 11. Geta Tags library uses tag-it jQuery UI plugin for selecting tags. To add Tags as a new property to your page types you need to use the UIHint attribute like in this example:

public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

Use ITagEngine to query for data:

IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentByTag(string tagName);
IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentsByTag(Tag tag);
IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentsByTag(string tagName, ContentReference rootContentReference);
IEnumerable<ContentData> GetContentsByTag(Tag tag, ContentReference rootContentReference);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(string tagNames);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(IEnumerable<Tag> tags);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(string tagNames, ContentReference rootContentReference);
IEnumerable<ContentReference> GetContentReferencesByTags(IEnumerable<Tag> tags, ContentReference rootContentReference);

Customize Tag-it behaviour

You can customize the Tag-it.js settings by using the GetaTagsAttribute. The following settings can currently be customized

  • allowSpaces - defaults to false
  • allowDuplicates - defaults to false
  • caseSensitive - defaults to true
  • readOnly - defaults to false
  • tagLimit - defaults to -1 (none)
[GetaTags(AllowSpaces = true, AllowDuplicates = true, CaseSensitive = false, ReadOnly = true)]
public virtual string Tags { get; set; }

Local development setup

See description in shared repository regarding how to setup local development environment.

Docker hostnames

Instead of using the static IP addresses the following hostnames can be used out-of-the-box.

Package maintainer