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Chimera Keyboard software and hardware
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Chimera Keyboards

Split wireless QMK powered keyboards

Chimera Ortho

Chimera Ergo

Chimera LS

Keyboard Maintainer: William Wilson

In this repository you will find the PCB gerbers for the chimera keyboard family. They are all provided open source for hobbyists who wish to build their own! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to or send a PM to /u/GlenPickle on Reddit. Good luck and happy building!

Buy me a beer?

Monero (preferred): 45d4VHWboXGV5sgvZ8hMFqdqnyku4vni33pbtMEFMGVk7ZcsHbwKepUFvhNsVEEu4Gd4F6KpJPZ1JZjSXUMY6eA7KJZA75P

Ethereum: 0xB7b02B30f9a3aF79eb36957f9FcA3Ed033a6Be90

Bitcoin: 14AwY43NGnuvwMh5LL4JiYR3DoUtfwjMXS

Litecoin: LWLsbZtcgvP8CZ2dVBoUvwsEuNbudT7nH2


Venmo: GlenPickle

This is a very incomplete reference. For now, the Mitosis keyboard docs are a good reference

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