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Glia Free Medical hardware

Glia is a project with the goal of releasing high quality free/open medical hardware to increase availability to those who need it.

Popular repositories

  1. A research-validated stethoscope whose plans are available Freely and openly. The cost of the entire stethoscope is between $2.5 to $5 to produce

    Ruby 687 95

  2. 3D printed tourniquet to stop bleeding, especially related to penetrating injuries

    OpenSCAD 112 28

  3. Face shield personal protective equipment (PPE)

    99 23

  4. Otoscope Public

    An open source otoscope ear inspection device that uses disposable specula. The goal is to bring production down to approximately USD$5 per unit

    77 13

  5. ecg Public

    A repository for work on the ECG project

    41 13

  6. pulseox Public

    Pulse oximetry

    40 8


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