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Releases: GrandOrgue/grandorgue


29 Apr 18:02
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  • Fixed divisional couplers with setter divisionals #1787
  • Fixed behavior of "Detect complex MIDI setup" with Note events in different cases #1762
  • Fixed the order of sending midi events from an On indicator. Now they are sent after sending all events from other controls #1762


17 Apr 11:33
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  • Fixed changing sound of a playing pipe without Pipe999IsTremulant when a wave tremulant state is changed #1855
  • Fixed crash on opening a very old config
  • Fixed ignoring initial midi setup when loading an organ with a preset without midi events configured #1785
  • Fixed saving Max release tail to the organ preset #1804
  • Fixed required package names in the file #1799
  • Added support of macOS on Apple silicon. GrandOrgue for macOS on Apple silicon requires macOS 14 or higher. GrandOrgue for macOS on Intel requires macOS 12.1 or higher.
  • Added ad-hoc code signing of GrandOrgue for macOS #1835
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to install the GrandOrgue RPM package #1859


29 Mar 09:35
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  • Fixed crash on loading an organ without a pedal but wit a unison-off coupler #1846
  • Changed displaying of the right part of paths #1663
  • Added automatic update checking at startup (configurable) and the ability to check for updates from Help menu
  • Increased maximum value of allowed size to 32000 #1840
  • Added capability of specifying AmplitudeLevel, Gain, PitchTuning, PitchCorrection and TrackerDelay, Percussive, HasIndependentRelease at the WindchestGroup level of ODF
  • Added capability of specifying Percussive and HasIndependentRelease at the Organ level of ODF
  • Added capability of playing release of percussive pipes with Pipe999HasIndependentRelease=Y #1385
  • Fixed different encoding of combination .yaml files on Windows, Linux and MacOS #1818
  • Added support of "Couple Through" mode of Virtual Couplers #1657
  • Added capability of loading only GUI panels without audio samples by specifying the "-g" switch from the command line #1602
  • Removed support of MacOS 11 #1791
  • Fixed crash on loading an organ with a crescendo in Add mode #1772
  • Fixed crash with rtaudio/asio #1772
  • Added support of specifying different crossfade length for additional attack and release files #1760
  • Fixed wrong filename of the midi recorder file with Hungarian language settings #1644
  • Fixed unability to select the Hungarian language in the Organ Settings dialog
  • Eliminated resetting audio group with the Default button of Organ Settings dialog #731


08 Jan 11:26
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  • Fixed not loading a pipe if some loop was not suitable for crossfade #1724
  • Fixed a wrong .wav filename in the log message window #1724
  • Increased the maximum number of Tremulants from 10 to 999
  • Fixed setting a reverb file name by default to the current directory #1741
  • Fixed crash on enabling convolution reverb #1741
  • Fixed hang on Panic button press on MacOs #1726
  • Fixed crash on switching divisionals when a bidirectional devisional coupler was engaged #1725


19 Nov 13:13
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06 Nov 06:24
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  • Fixed the maximal value of the "SYSEX Hauptwerk 32 Byte LCD" midi send events #1686
  • Fixed discard in the Organ Settings dialog when multiple objects are selected #1674
  • Moved all Organ Settings dialog buttons to the single button row #1674
  • Decreased number of decimal digits in the Organ Settings dialog #1627
  • Added a confirmation box when restoring Organ Settings to default #1674
  • Replaced the Cancel and OK buttons in the Organ Settings dialog with the single Close button #1674
  • Fixed change tracking and enableing/disabling the Discard and Apply buttons in the Organ Settings dialog #1674
  • Renamed the Reset button to Discard in the Organ Settings dialog #1674
  • Adopted the build instruction and the build scripts to new ubuntu versions #1673
  • Improved concurrency handling
  • Added deregistering organs in the temporary directory that do not more exist #1660
  • Fixed error messages after multiple runs of GrandOrgue ftom Appimage with a demo organ #1660


11 Oct 16:30
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  • Implemented option to send MIDI Note Off as 0x8X or 0x9X with velocity 0 #1640
  • Added capability of control buttons with Control Change MIDI events with different keys but same values using "Bx Ctrl Change Fixed On Value Toggle" and "Bx Ctrl Change Fixed Off Value Toggle" #1392
  • Added saving dialog positions and sizes #1035
  • Increased maximum value of Pipe999LoopCrossfadeLength and Pipe999ReleaseCrossfadeLength. Now they are 3000 #1612


14 Aug 12:35
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  • Fixed saving manual switches as global in yaml #1599
  • Fixed convolution enabling warrning in the Settings dialog #1617
  • Fixed "Release Length is not valid" error when applying changes for several Organ Settings objects at once #1601
  • Fixed saving all combinations as full


23 Jul 11:45
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  • Fixed size of the Organ Settings Dialog #1415
  • Fixed an incorrect dialog window icon
  • Fixed absence of the Help button on the Organ Setting dialog #1416
  • Fixed displaying buttons if the manual is not visible #1566
  • Changed the default value of the CombinationsStoreNonDisplayedDrawstops ODF settings to false
  • Fixed capability of running on MacOs 11.3
  • Fixed "The device does not support requested channel count" error when using an USB audio card on MacOS #1550


06 Jun 13:54
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  • Fixed not storing switch state in combinations in organs with panels of the new style #1498
  • Fixed displaying light of various combination buttons #1536
  • Fixed saving empty and scoped combinations to yaml #1531
  • Fixed bug of GC not working on manual with only a single stop #1556
  • Fixed installation on linux with another yaml-cpp version than 6.2 #1548