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A Bank Account Simulation with JavaFX and SQLite back-end. Material UX|UI.
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Bank Account Simulation.

This is a robust software made with Java, JavaFX and SQLite database as backend. It contains all the features of banking applications with material UI and UX. To look at the SQLite database file: Click here.

Sqlite 3.

To get started off, first to execute tables and SQLite commands you need to install Sqlite3. Head over here (WindowsOS) for downloading it.Then you can execute and create tables within the commandline.


The alternative GUI experience is the Sqlite DB browser.Click here to download.

Material Design.

Every design structure and UI implemented here is according to the guidelines of Google Design precisely Material Design. Includes smooth transitions and other minor UI tweaks with a rich dashboard UI.


  • Java
  • JavaFX
  • Sqlite3
  • FXML
  • CSS-Stylesheets


This software is copyrighted and hence licensed.View here.


Thank you for stopping by.

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