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DumpXXX Analytical Methods

Drew Marsh edited this page May 15, 2013 · 2 revisions

What are DumpXXX methods?

While the ScriptCs.ClrMD script pack can be used to simplify direct access to the Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime set of API the real value add it brings is in introducing a broad set of common analytical methods that you can leverage right out of the box. These methods are referred to as DumpXXX methods because they "dump" their analysis details to a configured IOutputWriter.

The most common and probably the most powerful use case is to simply fire up ScriptCS in REPL mode and simply invoke the various DumpXXX methods and have the results spit right back to you in the REPL host.

The various DumpXXX methods are grouped together by a logical set of analysis that they target.