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Zen Yoda Starter Kit Donate Build Status

Copyright (C) 2017 Rohit Goswami

This is the template for zenYoda rapid protoyping for presentations. The template comes with batteries included as it includes the dependencies for complete offline use.

Both pandoc style citations and traditional TeX citations are enabled, however keep in mind that TeX citations will not display in non-TeX files.

Read about the project at it's source here or on the documentation site here

For creating academic documents, refer to the sibling project, docuYoda and it's starter template.



Simply fork the repo.

Edit the file in src/md/slides/ and also slideConf.yml in src/ using any of the following:

You may use any of the pandoc markdown syntax, even if the viewers above do not support the entire syntax

You'll need to edit the Travis CI Settings for the repo as shown below:

  • The first build WILL TAKE around ~20 minutes.
  • Subsequent builds will only take around ~10 minutes or less.
  • It's best to setup the CI immediately on forking the repository, then start working.


Simply clone the repo and follow the installation instructions once before changing slideConf.yml and


Once you get direnv you need to add the Python section from my .direnvrc which goes in your $HOME directory.

After that just open a terminal and run the following:

pipenv install
# If you got direnv [recommended]
direnv allow
# Single compilation

Features and Usage

You can enable file watching by:

# Runs the monitor and automatically rebuilds on changes
tup monitor -a
# Stop the monitor
tup stop

For automatic reloading, get browsersync and run the following in another terminal:

# Get live reloading
yarn browser-sync sap -w --watchEvents add

The output is basically a SAP whoich may be deployed to Travis for posterity. (check the project docs)

Point your browser to the application.

For using Travis, change the site name in Travis. (more in the docs)


Apart from the yaml file switches, custom js for revealjs may be added to src/js/rjsConf.js. Also, custom scss rules for the same are to be put in src/scss/rjsOverrides.


This software is built on the following:

Additionally, for the site the following tools were used:

The site is built with:


Refer to the project license.

The project like much of pandoc itself is under the GNU GPLv3, however, please refer to the exceptions listed here.

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


Starter template for creating multi target pandoc presentations.





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