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A body reactive installation for Uniqlo
C++ C
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An installation by Hellicar&Lewis for Uniqlo.

In collaboration with Wood Mcgrath

Compatible with of_preRelease_v0061_osxSL_FAT

Thanks to the whole OpenFrameworks community.


ofxContourAnalysis through the CYA People Vision Software
CYA People Vision Software is a cross platform set of video sensing tools developed in Openframeworks for use in design, prototyping, and installed systems.
A collaboration started by LAB at Rockwell Group ( ) and the LABS at IDEO (

ofxControlPanel by Theo Watson

ofxOpenCVExtensions by 
LAB at Rockwell Group
CPUImageFilter by NUI Group
ofxCVBlobTracker by Stefan Hechenberger
ofxCvOpticalFlowLK by Takashi Maekawa
with GUI extensions to allow compatiblity with ofxControlPanel by Joel Gethin Lewis

ofxFBOTexture originally by Zach Gage:

Rendermanager by Theo Watson:

With contributions by Memo Atken and the rest of the OpenFrameworks community.

AppSettings by Todd Vanderlin
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