Automates the provisioning of physical infrastructure from a private cloud using templates from HPE OneView with Terraform
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A Terraform provider for oneview

Installing terraform-provider-oneview with Go

  • Install Go 1.8. For previous versions, you may have to set your $GOPATH manually, if you haven't done it yet.
  • Install Terraform 0.9.x or above from here and save it into /usr/local/bin/terraform folder (create it if it doesn't exists)
  • Download the code by issuing a go get command.
# Download the source code for terraform-provider-oneview
# and build the needed binary, by saving it inside $GOPATH/bin
$ go get -u

# Copy the binary to have it along the terraform binary
$ mv $GOPATH/bin/terraform-provider-oneview /usr/local/bin/terraform

Using terraform-provider-oneview with Docker

We also provide a lightweight and easy way to test and execute terraform-provider-oneview. The dciacoe/terraform-provider-oneview docker image contains an installation of Terraform and our provider you can use by just pulling down the Docker Image:

# Download and store a local copy of terraform-provider-oneview and
# use it as a Docker image.
$ docker pull dciacoe/terraform-provider-oneview

# Run docker commands using the "ash" shell from Alpine, this will create
# a sh session where you can create files, issue commands and execute both
# terraform and the provider with ease.
$ docker run -it dciacoe/terraform-provider-oneview /bin/sh

Example terraform file to provision a server with an operating system

provider "oneview" {
  ov_username   = "Administrator"
  ov_password   = "thisisapassword"
  ov_endpoint   = ""

resource "oneview_server_profile" "default" {
  name              = "test"
  template          = "Web Server Template"

  //specify this value so icsp can find the public ip address.
  public_connection = "pub_conn_1"

resource "icsp_server" "default" {
  ilo_ip = "15.x.x.x"
  user_name = "ilo_user"
  password = "ilo_password"
  serial_number = "${oneview_server_profile.default.serial_number}"
  build_plans = ["/rest/os-deployment-build-plans/1570001"]

  //this attribute gets you the public ip address
  public_mac = "${oneview_server_profile.default.public_mac}"

More information about how to configure the provider can be found here


Any resource that OneView can manage is on the roadmap for Terraform to also manage. Below is the current list of resources that Terraform can manage. Open an issue if there is a resource that needs to be developed as soon as possible.

Server Profile

resource "oneview_server_profile" "default" {
  name = "test-server-profile"
  template = "${}"

ICSP Server

This block takes an already provsioned server and through ICSP lays down an operating system or whatever is specified in the build plans.

resource "icsp_server" "default" {
  ilo_ip = "15.x.x.x"
  user_name = "ilo_user"
  password = "ilo_password"
  serial_number = "${oneview_server_profile.default.serial_number}"
  build_plans = ["/rest/os-deployment-build-plans/1570001"]

Image Streamer Deployment Plan

This block takes an already provisioned server and through Image Streamer lays down an Operating System.

resource "oneview_i3s_plan" "default" {
  server_name = "${}"
  os_deployment_plan = "Ubuntu 16.04"
  deploy_net_name = "I3S-Deploy-v301"

Server Profile Template

resource "oneview_server_profile_template" "default" {
  name = "test-server-profile-template"
  enclosure_group = "my_enclosure_group"
  server_hardware_type = "BL460c Gen9 1"

Ethernet Network

resource "oneview_ethernet_network" "default" {
  name = "test-ethernet-network"
  vlan_id = 71

Fibre Channel Network

resource "oneview_fc_network" "default" {
  name = "test-fc-network"

Fibre Channel over Ethernet Network

resource "oneview_fcoe_network" "default" {
  name = "test-fcoe-network"
  vlanId = 71

Network Set

resource "oneview_network_set" "default" {
  name = "test-network-set"
  network_uris = ["${oneview_ethernet_network.default.*.uri}"]
  native_network_uri = "${oneview_ethernet_network.default.1.uri}"

Logical Interconnect Group

resource "oneview_logical_interconnect_group" "default" {
  name = "test-logical-interconnect-group"

  internal_network_uris = ["${oneview_ethernet_network.default.0.uri}"]

  interconnect_map_entry_template {
    interconnect_type_name = "HP VC FlexFabric-20/40 F8 Module"
    bay_number = 1

  uplink_set {
    name = "uplink-default"
    network_uris = ["${oneview_ethernet_network.test.1.uri}"]
    logical_port_config {
      bay_num = 4
      port_num = [20,21]

Enclosure Group

resource "oneview_enclosure_group" "default" {
  name = "default-enclosure-group"
  logical_interconnect_groups = ["${}",

Logical Switch

resource "oneview_logical_switch" "default" {
  name = "test-logical-switch"
  switch_type_name = "Cisco Nexus 6xxx"
  switch_count = 1


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.