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HiveMQ - Enterprise MQTT Platform


  1. hivemq-mqtt-client hivemq-mqtt-client Public

    HiveMQ MQTT Client is an MQTT 5.0 and MQTT 3.1.1 compatible and feature-rich high-performance Java client library with different API flavours and backpressure support

    Java 759 146

  2. mqtt-cli mqtt-cli Public

    MQTT CLI is a useful command line interface for connecting various MQTT clients supporting MQTT 5.0 and 3.1.1

    Java 273 46

  3. hivemq-community-edition hivemq-community-edition Public

    HiveMQ CE is a Java-based open source MQTT broker that fully supports MQTT 3.x and MQTT 5. It is the foundation of the HiveMQ Enterprise Connectivity and Messaging Platform

    Java 985 256

  4. hivemq-edge hivemq-edge Public

    HiveMQ Edge is a light-weight open-source MQTT broker, MQTT-SN gateway and modular protocol conversion runtime. It is optimised for Edge deployment architectures.

    Java 58 12


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