GUI For creating HydroCouple Compositions
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HydroCoupleComposer is a cross platform GUI and CLI for creating and executing HydroCouple coupled model compositions. It can be launched using MPI for compositions containing components that support MPI using the following command:

mpirun -np 3 ./HydroCoupleComposer -r inputfile.hcp --ng

Type the following command for more help:

./HydroCoupleComposer -h

HydroCoupleComposer Screenshot


HydroCoupleComposer can be compiled using the QtCreator project file included with this project or in visual studio using the Qt Visual Studio AddIn. Work is ongoing to add a CMake make file. Modify the project file to make sure that it points to the appropriate libraries on the target machine. Compilation of HydroCoupleComposer requires the following frameworks and libraries:

Required Libraries

Optional Libraries

  • MPI
  • Graphviz
  • OpenMP


Buahin, C. and J. Horsburgh, 2016. From OpenMI to HydroCouple: Advancing OpenMI to Support Experimental Simulations and Standard Geospatial Datasets. International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software. Toulouse, France.

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Buahin, C. A., and Horsburgh, J. S. (2018). “Advancing the Open Modeling Interface (OpenMI) for integrated water resources modeling.” Environmental Modelling & Software. DOI:10.1016/j.envsoft.2018.07.015