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💕Powerful & lightweight PHP Dating Script built with CodeIgniter 2.X and Bootstrap + jQuery 💖
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💖 pH2Date - Lightweight Dating Webapp

Powerful & lightweight PHP Dating Script built with CodeIgniter 2.X and Bootstrap + jQuery

pH2Date allows you to setup a simple dating webapp with Instant Messenger, Matchmaking system (similar to HotOrNot or Tinder's swiping feature).

It also allows users to upload Photos and Videos to their profile page, and much more!

Debugging; Environment Mode

To change the environment mode, please update the index.php, line 21.

Available environment modes are:

  • development
  • testing
  • production

Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 5.1.6
  • Apache 2.2 or 2.4+ with mod_rewrite installed and enabled.
  • MySQL database (4.1+); MySQLi, MS SQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite, and ODBC.

Bigger Project..?

Need more features and more scalability..?

No prob! Have a look to pH7CMS Dating, THE PRO Dating Web App Builder

How pH2Date Looks Like?



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