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Generate new key if player guid has been shared.
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IW4x: Client

Commit message style

[Module] Imperative summary

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[ci skip]

[ci skip] is optional.

How to compile

  • Run premake5 vs2019 or use the delivered generate.bat.
  • Build via solution file in build\iw4x.sln. (You can use the build.bat script to do it quick and easy.)

Premake arguments

Argument Description
--copy-to=PATH Optional, copy the DLL to a custom folder after build, define the path here if wanted.
--copy-pdb Copy debug information for binaries as well to the path given via --copy-to.
--ac-disable Disable anticheat.
--ac-debug-detections Log anticheat detections.
--ac-debug-load-library Log libraries that get loaded.
--force-unit-tests Always compile unit tests.
--force-exception-handler Install custom unhandled exception handler even for Debug builds.
--force-minidump-upload Upload minidumps even for Debug builds.
--disable-bitmessage Disable use of BitMessage completely.
--disable-base128 Disable base128 encoding for minidumps.
--no-new-structure Do not use new virtual path structure (separating headers and source files).
--enable-dxsdk Enable DirectX SDK (required for GfxMap exporting).


This software has been created purely for the purposes of academic research. It is not intended to be used to attack other systems. Project maintainers are not responsible or liable for misuse of the software. Use responsibly.

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