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An example website built with React and tons of other great stuff
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Joe's React Website

An example website built with React and tons of other great stuff


Often developers want to know the proper way to structure their applications, and poll users for their favorite tech stack. This project aims to provide an answer to those questions through example.


For this example to be of use to you, you should have a basic understanding of

  • React
  • ES6
  • JSX

If you're new to React I highly recommend you check out Mark Erikson's excellent list of resources and then come back.


Scalable Architecture
Organizing by feature instead of type means as the application grows you won't have to search through hundreds of files to find the one you're looking for. Additionally you'll have the added benefit of easier debugging.
Immutable State
Creates state predictability and eliminates the unwanted side effects and headaches of mutable data.
Bleeding-edge JavaScript
Classes, template literals, destructuring assignments, generator functions, all that fun stuff.
Composable CSS
The styles are located next to the components but not in them; separating logic and styles while increasing readability. Only the styles for the current component are loaded for optimal performance.
Code Splitting
Not only the css but also the javascipt, images, and html of the current path are loaded decreasing page rendering time and saving bandwith on the client side.
Load the app once and from then on a service worker will load the page in case an internet connection isn't available.
Head tag management, structured data / rich snippets, everything a search engine wants and needs.
Battle Tested
My web app currently has 100% test coverage as all good apps should.

Built With



Joseph Ireland - Website

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