An idling game of epic proportions
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An idling game of epic proportions.


  • node 6.x
  • git
  • mongodb


  • git clone
  • npm install
  • Create an .env file in the repo root with the key MONGODB_URI set to a URI leading to a local or remote mongodb install (eg: MONGODB_URI=mongodb://localhost:27017/play)


  • npm start to start the server
  • npm run test:client -- --players <playercount> to test with that many players (up to ~1200)

Making Yourself A Mod

  • mongo
  • db.players.update({ name: "Your Character Name" }, { $set: { isMod: true } })

Possible Errors

  • Errors TypeError: Parameter "url" must be a string, not undefined or ReferenceError: (something about a missing proxy) typically means you have an old version of node (node --version to check)
  • If npm run test (before you PR!) doesn't work, you haven't run npm install
  • Any other errors or problems, feel free to just ask us in either the game chat or irc channel (##idlebot on We're a pretty friendly bunch and more than happy to help get you started.


  • fork this repo, then clone to your local machine. PRs from your local repo
  • --silent is useful to stop "npm err!"s from filling up your screen
  • node --inspect=9222 whatever.js (e.g. in your package.json) gives you a Chrome url so you can debug/profile/etc to your heart's content. Adding the line debugger; will break at that point in the js code

Other IdleLands Repositories

  • Play The front end code (angular2,, bootstrap)
  • Maps Maps (json+png tilemap. Plus npcs, features etc on the maps)
  • Custom-Assets The strings for the game (monsters, vegetables, conversation etc)


  • Make sure your code passes npm run test before making a PR.
  • Any help is help. No matter how small you might think it is, it's ALL very welcome! Thank you!