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Welcome to the SpaceFM Wiki

Feel free to add your SpaceFM-related pages and content to this wiki (just signup for a free github account to do so).

Also check out the Homepage, User's Manual, and Downloads.

The SpaceFM IRC channel is #spacefm on irc.freenode.net

Wiki Contents

SpaceFM & udevil On Distros - Find or add packages, forum threads, and other info for your distro.

User-Contributed Plugins - Download and share plugins.

Screenshots & Screencasts - Preview SpaceFM and watch videos of its use.

Translate - Help translate SpaceFM and udevil.

Guidelines For Distributing Modifications - See here if you want to release modifications or forks of SpaceFM.

Using Conky With SpaceFM Desktop Manager

Init Systems - Collects info on init systems and methods for avoiding systemd.

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