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SpaceFM & udevil On Distros

This page lists distributions that use SpaceFM as their default file manager, or include SpaceFM or udevil in their repositories or have 3rd party packages available, and provides links to packages, forum threads, and other related info.

Please help maintain this page - If your distro's information is missing or outdated, please double-check your facts and edit this page (just sign up for a free github account to do so, which also lets you post bug reports). You can also review this page's history.

Please keep these lists in alphabetical order.

Default File Manager

SpaceFM (usually with udevil) is the default file and/or desktop manager in the following distros:


Lightweight, portable and flexible operating system based on Arch and Linux Live Kit.


A lightweight Arch Linux system combined with the Openbox window manager.


Not based on any other distro, Foresight uses SpaceFM.


A lightweight Arch based system under Runit without Systemd.


A Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi. It is inspired by Crunchbang Linux, and based on Raspbian.


Includes spacefm and udevil in its repositories [SpaceFM is slated to be its default file manager in the next release].


A Debian sid based distro.

Packages Available

SpaceFM and/or udevil is included in the following distro repositories, or are available in 3rd party packages:

Alpine Linux

Packages available.


Base and full installations include SpaceFM and udevil by default.

Arch Linux

SpaceFM Packages: [community] repository includes GTK3 i686 & x86_64 packages, and the AUR provides spacefm-gtk2 & spacefm-git (next branch), and some plugins.

udevil Packages: [community] repository includes i686 and x86_64 packages, and the AUR provides udevil-git (next branch).

Forum: SpaceFM - A Customizable File Manager and udevil - mount without password
Arch Wiki: SpaceFM


Please see the SpaceFM Debian page.


Gentoo's portage tree includes spacefm with GTK 2 and 3 support, and udevil, with live ebuilds (9999) available for both.

Linux Mint

SpaceFM is in the default repository at least from Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon Edition onwards (both GTK2 and GTK3 version). Just use Synaptic or any other package manager to install it.


ARM-based handheld PDA/console. SpaceFM is in the software repo - testing thread.


Multiple packages available.


SpaceFM test packages available (see forum)

Pibang Linux

Includes SpaceFM built for the Raspberry Pi (armhf). SpaceFM can also be installed as its default file manager via Pibang's welcome scripts.


Includes SpaceFM in its repositories.


SlackBuilds.org includes spacefm and udevil.


SpaceFM and udevil are included by default in this live rescue distro.


Please see the SpaceFM Debian page.


SpaceFM test packages available. [Links?]

Other Distros

Check with your distro for a SpaceFM package. Packaging is usually based on user requests, so if not found, consider submitting a packaging request to your distro.

If no package is available for your distro, SpaceFM can be easily installed using its self-extracting installer (also available for udevil). Or, use one of the manual build methods detailed in the README.

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