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Forget It

Download the extension from [Google Web Store] (

Source code repository for Forget It

Source code released under MIT License

What it does:

  • Allows users to easily forget current browsing history and data.
  • Close all Tabs and Windows.
  • Delete all Data based on settings.
  • Open a new clean Window.

About this extension:

  • Forked from Restart My Chrome and re-purposed.
  • Help yourself take back control of your personal privacy and browsing data. Web browsers collect and track your online activity when you visit websites, Each website you visit may add cookies or collect personal information about you, This information is stored in the browser then gathered by websites and web-services when browsing the world wide web.
  • Forget it helps you easily take back control.


  • Enable forget it confirmation.
  • Disable closing of all Tabs and Windows.
  • Clears browser data.
  • Set when to clear data from.
  • Automatically forget at user set intervals.


Currently supports the following locales

  • en (English)
  • en_Us (United States English)
  • More to come...


We brought you [restart my chrome] ( which is no longer working due to changes by google, So we took Restart My Chrome clear private data feature and made Forget It.

Forget It user interface design has been partially inspired from forget in firefox.

Clear Browser Data:

(Clear the following data from) period selected.

Setting Function
The past hour Clears from the last hour.
The past day Clears from the current day.
The past week Clear one week from current time.
The last 4 weeks Clear one month from current time.
The beginning of time Clears from beginning of time.
Setting Function
Clear AppCache Clears applications cache
Clear Cache Clears cache files
Clear Cookies Clears stored\save session cookies
Clear Downloads Clears downloads history
Clear FileSystems Clears part of HTML5 local storage
Clear FormData Clears any entered form data (i.e name or email)
Clear History Clears browsers history
Clear indexedDB indexedDB is used to store structured data.
Clear LocalStorage Clears local HTML5 storage.
Clear PluginData Clears any information stored by plugins
Clear Passwords Clears any saved or stored passwords.
Clear webSQL Used by chrome for storing structured data


The Clear Browser Data feature is use at own risk, If you use this feature then you understand the risk that it permanently deletes this data, What data does it cover see

Can any of the data be recovered once deleted, No it permanently deletes this data.


Using popular open source projects.