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Reconstructing Cave Story

with C++14 and SDL 2.0

Build status

This project based on Christopher Herbert's "Reconstructing Cave Story".

I decided to make the same with SDL 2.0 and C++14.

Note on media content

Original content from the game was taken from the CaveStory tribute site. It is located at content/original_graphics.

You can buy CaveStory+ on Steam, Desura or Ubuntu Software Centre and add bitmaps with higher resolution to content directory. Next you need to change line 6 of src/config.cpp to return GraphicsQuality::HIGH; and recompile the game. Game settings will be improved someday (to change it in game itself).

For example, if you take the game from the Humble Indie Bundle 7, you can copy bitmaps like that:

cp <game_root>/data/base/{Arms,Bullet,bkBlue,Caret,MyChar,TextBox,Npc/NpcCemet,Stage/PrtCave}.bmp content

Where <game_root> is path where you install the game (e.g. ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Cave\ Story+). You can also use script for your needs.

Keys to play

  • ← go left
  • → go right
  • ↓ look down / interact
  • ↑ look up
  • Z jump
  • X fire
  • Q quit

Used materials