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weluvgoatz commented Oct 22, 2020

SuperTux version: Newest nightly (began around when the DIscord RPC was implemented)
System information: (details about your kernel, operating system, or distribution) Windows 10 (?)

Expected behavior

Upon installing, SuperTux should open as usual.

Actual behavior

SuperTux does not open and crashes upon startup, giving me the message: "Libcurl.dll was not found"

zx64 commented Dec 1, 2018

From the comment in SDL_filesystem.h:
Please call SDL_free() on the pointer when you are done with it

When building the project with MSVC, I ran into some debug heap asserts early into the program startup.
The culprit appears to be the code in m_config.c that does free(prefdir) as changing these to SDL_free(prefdir) resolved the issue.

I'm not sure what to do about `GetDefaultConfi

cxong commented Jun 14, 2016

Via playtesting, the compass arrows (#29) were ignored, likely because they are right at the edge and outside the player's attention. If they are moved slightly inwards, they may become more noticeable.

Games that have these arrows also tend to draw them closer to the player rather than near the edge; e.g.

  • GTA 1 & 2
  • Fire Fight
  • Crazy Taxi
dreamer commented Nov 22, 2020

Help messages for various built-in commands are annoying mish-mash of styles and formatting. Plenty of documentation is simply missing (and users usually don't know where to find our manual file).

In #608 and #577 we improved the help messages for mount and imgmount. In the process, we established a nice, readable style for our help commands - now it's time to expand help for all remaining

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