A multi-purpose testing tool for Dark Souls: Remastered
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DSR Gadget 1.6 - By Pav & TKGP

A multi-purpose testing tool for Dark Souls: Remastered.
Compatible with DSR App ver. 1.01, 1.01.1, 1.01.2, 1.03, and possibly future versions.
Requires .NET 4.7.2 - Windows 10 users should already have this.

Special Thanks

Villhellm, for generalizing the hotkey UI and kicking off controls not being frozen when they shouldn't be.


Costura.Fody by Simon Cropp, Cameron MacFarland

LowLevelHooking by Joseph N. Musser II

Octokit by GitHub

Semver by Max Hauser



  • Fixed cheats and other things staying on if you unchecked them while unloaded
  • Fixed no gravity, no collision, and filters not reapplying properly after reloads


  • Supports 1.03
  • Controls that don't need the game to be loaded can now be used without the game being loaded
  • Added hotkey to create whatever's selected in the Items tab


  • Add basic event flag support (Misc tab)
  • Fix stable position not working on 1.01.2
  • Fix stable angle never working in the first place
  • Fix no gravity and no collision not reapplying after load screens
  • Fix camera storing/restoring not working sometimes
  • Hooking the game is much faster now


  • Supports 1.01.2
  • Camera is restored with positions
  • The download link actually works now


  • Supports 1.01.1 and hopefully all future versions automatically
  • Option to restore state with position (but not camera, yet)
  • Add cut covenant items to spawner


  • Fixed crash with out of range player angle