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My hobby operating system project. The plan was grand, the mind was melted. It does compile and run though...
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Synergy OS Kernel


Synergy is a new operating system with the goal of bringing together all computers into a perfect cloud; sharing processing power and data storage, whilst still giving each user full control over their individual privacy and their data.

The Synergy platform will use a Java-like managed language and runtime to enable cross-platform support, and to allow the power of all machines to be harnessed to their best advantage. A key goal of this language is to make support for threading commonplace amongst user-land programs, in order to harness the power of emerging multi-core machines.

The system is currently being developed for x86-based PCs, but additional platforms will be supported eventually. Support is planned not only for desktop and laptop systems, but also for tablets, smart phones, and other embedded devices.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium CPU (or later/equivalent)
  • 8MiB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Keyboard
  • VGA-compatible Video card and Monitor

Compilation & Installation

As long as you have genisoimage and an appropriate GCC cross-compiler installed (in other words, i586-elf-gcc is available), building the Synergy kernel should be pretty easy:

make all

To run Synergy, boot the resulting Synergy-OS.iso CD image on either a physical machine or an emulator (Oracle VirtualBox is recommended, but any should work).

Further Information

The issue tracker as well as the primary mirror for the git repository are on GitHub.

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