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This project is a new fork and is recruiting development help. If you are able to help out please contact us.

Jackett works as a proxy server: it translates queries from apps (Sonarr, Radarr, SickRage, CouchPotato, Mylar, DuckieTV, qBittorrent, etc) into tracker-site-specific http queries, parses the html response, then sends results back to the requesting software. This allows for getting recent uploads (like RSS) and performing searches. Jackett is a single repository of maintained indexer scraping & translation logic - removing the burden from other apps.

Developer note: The software implements the Torznab (with nZEDb category numbering) and TorrentPotato APIs.

Supported Systems

Supported Public Trackers

  • 1337x
  • Anidex
  • Anime Tosho
  • AniRena
  • AudioBookBay
  • BTstor.net
  • btbit
  • cpasbien
  • ETTV
  • EliteTorrent.biz
  • ExtraTorrent.ag
  • EZTV
  • Frozen Layer
  • GkTorrent
  • Horrible Subs
  • IdopeClone
  • Il Corsaro Nero
  • Il Corsaro Blu
  • Isohunt2
  • KATcrs
  • KickAssTorrent
  • KickAssTorrent (thekat.se clone)
  • LimeTorrents
  • MagnetDL
  • MejorTorrent
  • Newpct (aka: tvsinpagar, descargas2020, torrentlocura, torrentrapid, tumejortorrent, pctnew, etc)
  • Nyaa.si
  • Nyaa-Pantsu
  • Nyoo
  • ProStyleX
  • RuTor
  • ShowRSS
  • SkyTorrentsClone
  • sukebei.Nyaa.si
  • sukebei-Pantsu
  • The Pirate Bay
  • TNTVillage
  • Tokyo Toshokan
  • Torlock
  • TorrentCouch
  • Torrent Downloads
  • TorrentGalaxy.org
  • Torrent9
  • Torernt9 clone (torrents9.ch)
  • Torrentz2
  • World Wide Torrents
  • YTS.ag
  • Zooqle

Supported Semi-Private Trackers

  • 7tor
  • ArenaBG
  • CzTorrent
  • Deildu
  • Gay-Torrents.net
  • Gay-Torrents.org
  • Kinozal
  • LostFilm.tv
  • Mega-Bliz
  • Metal Tracker
  • MVGroup Forum
  • MVGroup Main
  • Newstudio
  • NetHD
  • NoName Club
  • RockBox
  • RuTracker
  • SkTorrent
  • Union Fansub
  • Xtreme Zone
  • YggTorrent
  • Ztracker

Supported Private Trackers

  • 2 Fast 4 You
  • 3D Torrents
  • 420files
  • 720pier
  • Abnormal
  • Acid-Lounge
  • AlphaRatio (AR)
  • AnimeBytes
  • AnimeTorrents (AnT)
  • Anthelion
  • AOX
  • ArabaFenice
  • Arche Torrent
  • AsianCinema
  • AsianDVDClub
  • AST4u
  • Audiobook Torrents
  • Awesome-HD (AHD)
  • Avistaz (AsiaTorrents)
  • B2S-Share
  • Back-ups
  • BakaBT
  • bB
  • BeyondHD (BHD)
  • BIGTorrent
  • BigTower
  • Bit-City Reloaded
  • Bithorlo
  • BitHUmen
  • BitMe
  • BitMeTV
  • BitSoup (invite needed)
  • BitsPiracy
  • Bitspyder
  • BitTorrentFiles (invite needed)
  • BJ-Share
  • BlueBird
  • Blutopia (BLU)
  • Brasil Tracker
  • BroadcastTheNet (BTN)
  • BrokenStones
  • BTGigs
  • BTNext (BTNT)
  • BTXpress (BTX)
  • Carpathians
  • CCFBits
  • CGPeers
  • CHDBits
  • Cinematik
  • Cinemageddon
  • CinemaZ (EuTorrents)
  • Classix
  • DanishBits
  • DataScene
  • DesiTorrents
  • Diablo Torrent
  • DigitalHive
  • Downloadville
  • Dragonworld Reloaded
  • Dream Team
  • EliteHD (invite needed)
  • Elit Tracker
  • Elite-Tracker
  • Empornium (EMP)
  • eStone
  • Ethor.net (Thor's Land)
  • FileList (FL)
  • Femdomcult
  • Freedom-HD
  • FullMixMusic
  • FunFile
  • FunkyTorrents (FT)
  • Fuzer
  • GAYtorrent.ru
  • GazelleGames (GGn)
  • Gfxnews
  • GFXPeers
  • GigaTorrents
  • GimmePeers
  • Girotottent
  • GODS
  • Greek Team
  • HacheDe
  • Hardbay
  • HD4Free (HD4)
  • HD-Forever (HDF)
  • HD-Only (HDO)
  • HD-Space (HDS)
  • HD-Spain
  • HD-Torrents (HDT)
  • HD-Bits.com
  • HDBits
  • HDChina
  • HDCity
  • HDHome (HDBigger)
  • HDME
  • HDSky
  • HDTorrents.it
  • Hebits
  • Hon3y HD
  • HQSource
  • HuSh
  • Hyperay
  • ICE Torrent
  • I Love Classics
  • Immortalseed
  • inPeril
  • Insane Tracker
  • IPTorrents (IPT)
  • JPopsuki
  • Kapaki
  • Karagarga
  • LinkoManija
  • LosslessClub
  • M-Team (TP)
  • Magico (Trellas)
  • Majomparádé
  • Manicomio Share
  • Mononoké-BT
  • MoreThanTV (MTV)
  • MyAnonamouse
  • myAmity
  • MySpleen
  • NCore
  • Nebulance (NBL)
  • New Real World
  • NordicBits (NB)
  • Norbits
  • notwhat.cd
  • Orpheus
  • Ourbits
  • Passione Torrent
  • PassThePopcorn (PTP)
  • PirateTheNet
  • PolishSource
  • PolishTracker
  • Pretome
  • PrivateHD (PHD)
  • Psytorrents
  • PTFiles
  • PuntoTorrent
  • Racing4Everyone (R4E)
  • Redacted (PassTheHeadphones)
  • Red Star Torrent
  • Redtopia (RED)
  • RetroFlix
  • RevolutionTT
  • RGU
  • RoDVD
  • Romanian Metal Torrent
  • SceneFZ
  • SceneHD
  • SceneReactor
  • SceneRush
  • SceneTime
  • SDBits
  • Secret Cinema
  • Shareisland
  • ShareSpaceDB
  • Shazbat
  • Shellife
  • Speed-Share
  • SpeedCD
  • SpeedTorrent Reloaded
  • SportsCult
  • SportHD
  • Superbits
  • Tasmanit
  • TBPlus
  • TenYardTracker
  • The Empire
  • The Geeks
  • The Horror Charnel (THC)
  • The Occult
  • The New Retro
  • The Place
  • The Shinning (TsH)
  • The Show
  • The Vault
  • The-Torrents
  • Torrent Network
  • Torrent Sector Crew
  • Torrent.LT
  • TorrentBD
  • TorrentBytes
  • TorrentCCF (invite needed)
  • TorrentDay
  • Torrentech
  • TorrentHeaven
  • TorrentHR
  • Torrenting
  • Torrentland
  • TorrentLeech (TL)
  • TorrentSeeds (TS)
  • Torrent-Syndikat
  • TOrrent-tuRK (TORK)
  • TorViet
  • ToTheGlory
  • TranceTraffic
  • Trezzor
  • TV Chaos UK
  • TV-Vault
  • u-torrents (SceneFZ)
  • UHDBits
  • Ultimate Gamer Club
  • Waffles
  • World-In-HD
  • WorldOfP2P (WOP)
  • x-ite.me (XM)
  • xBytesV2
  • XSpeeds
  • Xthor
  • ExoticaZ (Your Exotic Torrents)
  • Zamunda.net
  • Zelka.org

Trackers marked with (invite needed) have no active maintainer and are missing features or are broken. If you have an invite for them please send it to kaso1717 -at- gmail.com to get them fixed/improved.

Aggregate indexers

A special "all" indexer is available at /api/v2.0/indexers/all/results/torznab/api. It will query all configured indexers and return the combined results.

If your client supports multiple feeds it's recommended to add each indexer directly instead of using the all indexer. Using the all indexer has no advantages (besides reduced management overhead), only disadvantages:

  • you loose control over indexer specific settings (categories, search modes, etc.)
  • mixing search modes (IMDB, query, etc.) might cause low quality results
  • indexer specific categories (>= 100000) can't be used.
  • slow indexers will slow down the overall result
  • total results are limited to 1000

To get all Jackett indexers including their capabilities you can use t=indexers on the all indexer. To get only configured/unconfigured indexers you can also add configured=true/false as query parameter.

Installation on Windows

We recommend you install Jackett as a Windows service using the supplied installer. You may also download the zipped version if you would like to configure everything manually.

To get started with using the installer for Jackett, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest version of the Windows installer, "Jackett.Installer.Windows.exe" from the releases page.
  2. When prompted if you would like this app to make changes to your computer, select "yes".
  3. If you would like to install Jackett as a Windows Service, make sure the "Install as Windows Service" checkbox is filled.
  4. Once the installation has finished, check the "Launch Jackett" box to get started.
  5. Navigate your web browser to:
  6. You're now ready to begin adding your trackers and using Jackett.

When installed as a service the tray icon acts as a way to open/start/stop Jackett. If you opted to not install it as a service then Jackett will run its web server from the tray tool.

Jackett can also be run from the command line if you would like to see log messages (Ensure the server isn't already running from the tray/service). This can be done by using "JackettConsole.exe" (for Command Prompt), found in the Jackett data folder: "%ProgramData%\Jackett".

Installation on Linux

  1. Install Mono 5.8 or better (using the latest stable release is recommended)
    • Follow the instructions on the mono website and install the mono-devel and the ca-certificates-mono packages.
    • On Red Hat/CentOS/openSUSE/Fedora the mono-locale-extras package is also required.
  2. Install libcurl:
    • Debian/Ubunutu: apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
    • Redhat/Fedora: yum install libcurl-devel
    • For other distros see the Curl docs.
  3. Download and extract the latest Jackett.Binaries.Mono.tar.gz release from the releases page and run Jackett using mono with the command mono --debug JackettConsole.exe.

Detailed instructions for Ubuntu 14.x and Ubuntu 15.x

If you want to run it with a user without a /home directory you need to add Environment=XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/path/to/folder to your systemd file, this folder will be used to store your config files.

Mono must be compiled with the Roslyn compiler (default), using MCS will cause "An error has occurred." errors (See https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett/issues/2704).

Install as service

  1. Install Jackett with the steps from above.
  2. Open the Terminal and run sudo ./install_service_systemd.sh You need root permissions to install the service.
  3. If the installation was a success, you can close the Terminal window.

The service will start on each logon. You can always stop it by running systemctl stop jackett.service from Terminal. You can start it again it using systemctl start jackett.service. Logs are stored as usual under ~/.config/Jackett/log.txt and also in journalctl -u jackett.service.

Installation on Linux via Ansible

On a RHEL/Centos 7 system: linuxhq.jackett

On an Ubuntu 16 system: chrisjohnson00.jackett

Installation on macOS


Install Mono 5.8 or better (using the latest pkg installer is recommended).

  • Setup ssl support by running curl -sS https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem | cert-sync --user /dev/stdin

Install as service

  1. Download and extract the latest Jackett.Binaries.Mono.tar.gz release from the releases page.
  2. Open the extracted folder and double-click on install_service_macos.
  3. If the installation was a success, you can close the Terminal window.

The service will start on each logon. You can always stop it by running launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/org.user.Jackett.plist from Terminal. You can start it again it using launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/org.user.Jackett.plist. Logs are stored as usual under ~/.config/Jackett/log.txt.

Run without installing as a service

Download and extract the latest Jackett.Binaries.Mono.tar.gz release from the releases page and run Jackett using mono with the command mono --debug JackettConsole.exe.

Installation using Docker

Detailed instructions are available at LinuxServer.io Jackett Docker. The Jackett Docker is highly recommended, especially if you are having Mono stability issues or having issues running Mono on your system eg. QNAP, Synology. Thanks to LinuxServer.io

Installation on Synology

Jackett is available as beta package from SynoCommunity

Running Jackett behind a reverse proxy

When running jackett behind a reverse proxy make sure that the original hostname of the request is passed to Jackett. If HTTPS is used also set the X-Forwarded-Proto header to "https". Don't forget to adjust the "Base Path Override" Jackett option accordingly.

Example config for apache:

<Location /jackett>
    ProxyPreserveHost On
    RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto expr=%{REQUEST_SCHEME}

Example config for nginx:

location /jackett {
	proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
	proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
	proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;
	proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host $http_host;
	proxy_redirect off;


  • Command line switches

    You can pass various options when running via the command line, see --help for details.

  • Error "An error occurred while sending the request: Error: TrustFailure (A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.)"

    This is often caused by missing CA certificates. Try reimporting the certificates in this case:

    • On Linux (as user root): wget -O - https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem | cert-sync /dev/stdin
    • On macOS: curl -sS https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem | cert-sync --user /dev/stdin
  • Enable enhanced logging

You can get enhanced logging with the command line switches -t -l or by enabling Enhanced logging via the web interface (followed by clicking on the Apply Server Settings button). Please post logs if you are unable to resolve your issue with these switches ensuring to remove your username/password/cookies. The logfiles (log.txt/updater.txt) are stored in %ProgramData%\Jackett on Windows and ~/.config/Jackett/ on Linux/macOS.

Configuring OMDb

This feature is used as a fallback to get the movie/series title if only the IMDB ID is provided in the request. To use it, please just request a free API key on OMDb (1,000 daily requests limit) and paste the key in Jackett

Creating an issue

Please supply as much information about the problem you are experiencing as possible. Your issue has a much greater chance of being resolved if logs are supplied so that we can see what is going on. Creating an issue with '### isn't working' doesn't help anyone to fix the problem.


All contributions are welcome just send a pull request. Jackett's framework allows our team (and any other volunteering dev) to implement new trackers in an hour or two. If you'd like support for a new tracker but are not a developer then feel free to leave a request on the issues page. It is recommended to use Visual Studio 2017 when making code changes in this project. You can download the community version for free here.

Building from source


  • Install the .NET Core SDK
  • Open the Jackett solution in Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.9 or above)
  • Right click on the Jackett solution and click 'Rebuild Solution' to restore nuget packages
  • Select Jackett.Server as startup project
  • In the drop down menu of the run button select "Jackett.Server" instead of "IIS Express"
  • Build/Start the project


# manually install osx dotnet via: 
# then: 
git clone https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett.git
cd Jackett/src

# dotnet core version
dotnet publish Jackett.Server -f netcoreapp2.2 --self-contained -r osx-x64 -c Debug # takes care of everything
./Jackett.Server/bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.2/osx-x64/JackettConsole # run jackett


sudo apt install mono-complete nuget msbuild dotnet-sdk-2.2 # install build tools (debian/ubuntu)
git clone https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett.git
cd Jackett/src

# dotnet core version
dotnet publish Jackett.Server -f netcoreapp2.2 --self-contained -r linux-x64 -c Debug # takes care of everything
./Jackett.Server/bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.2/linux-x64/JackettConsole # run jackett