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Create advanced Excel spreadsheets using .NET
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Create advanced Excel spreadsheets using .NET, without the need of interop.

EPPlus is a .NET library that reads and writes Excel files using the Office Open XML format (xlsx). EPPlus has no dependencies other than .NET.  

EPPlus supports:

  • Cell Ranges
  • Cell styling (Border, Color, Fill, Font, Number, Alignments)
  • Data validation
  • Conditional formatting
  • Charts
  • Pictures
  • Shapes
  • Comments
  • Tables
  • Pivot tables
  • Protection
  • Encryption
  • VBA
  • Formula calculation
  • Many more...


This project started with the source from ExcelPackage. It was a great project to start from. It had the basic functionality needed to read and write a spreadsheet. Advantages over other: EPPlus uses dictionaries to access cell data, making performance a lot better. Complete integration with .NET


All support is currently referred to Stack overflow. A tutorial is available in the wiki and the sample project can be downloaded with each version. The old site at Codeplex also contains material that can be helpful. Bugs and new feature requests can be added to the issues tracker.


The project is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL).

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