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See the releases section for downloads (Current Version 1.6.5)

Project Info

Language License

Language Ogar

Copy of Ogar that I heavily modified, and will continue to update. The OgarProject owns Ogar, and I do not claim it as mine! Original Ogar found here

Language JXcore

Swiching fomr node to JXcore, JXcore is faster, multitreaths and bether memory managment for long hour running prodjects. Please see JXcore for more info.

Memory Tip

If you have memory issues, run OgarServ with --nouse-idle-notification --expose-gc options on. For example jx --nouse-idle-notification --expose-gc index.js (or node if you use node) this will run the garbage collector when a user disconects.

What is Done

  • Clean up the code

  • Made this version both client compatible and older protocol clients compatible. You can set this now in gameserver.ini! So if in your webclient you see huge balls or none at all, switch the serverVersion from 1 to 0!

  • Cleaned up the console response and commands, see list below

  • serverBots = [Number] is now Bot min Players, if more players are alive in the game and bots get killed they dont return till the live users drops under the Number set in serverBots.

  • Added Master Server or Tracker, this server announces it is online to the tracker page. You can there then monitor your server and other people can find your server there as well to play on. See -= Ogar Tracker =- for the Tracker page.

  • Added auto shutdown server (for auto resets) this by default is set to 24 hours, but can be changed trough serverResetTime: 24 in your gameserver.ini. Setting it to 0 (zero) disables auto shutdown.

  • Added remote commands!, you can now issue commands to the server from your chat in the client (that be if you use an client that has chat support) by default this is set off.

  • Language This Server supports Minimap info for whole map (Package 24)

  • Language This Server supports Server Info for both ogar and agar (Package 90)

  • Language This Server supports Chat for both ogar and agar (Package 99)

Image of Ogar OgarServ in LiveStats Mode and Auto Pause

We working on

  • Remote Admin Page:
    • Client almost done!
  • Game Modes:
    • While most game modes work, some right now do now. We will work on that as soon as we can!
  • MySQL : Adding MySQL Highscore system
    • Currently being tested!

Language MySQL High Score!

To have it active, create an ini file inside the folder called mysql.ini and in there write down

  • host = mysql server ip:port usualy localhost
  • user = mysql username (make sure you added it and it has write access)
  • password = mysql user password
  • database = the database to use example agario
  • table = the score table name (in case you have more then 1 server example: score)

For more info see the wiki Server MySQL High Scores

Console Commands

See the wiki Console Commands

Game Mode's Currently Available

See the wiki Server Game Mode's


See the wiki Server Config


Image of Ogar


Jara's version of's private server prodject in Javascript modified from OgarProject using JXCore.







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