TeamCity plugin for .NET Core projects
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.NET CLI Plugin for TeamCity

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The TeamCity .NET plugin provides support for .NET CLI in TeamCity.

It simplifies building Windows and cross-platform applications that use .NET frameworks and libraries.


The plugin provides the following features for .NET project building:

  • .NET CLI (dotnet) build runner
  • .NET CLI & .NET Core SDK detection on TeamCity build agents
  • Auto-discovery of build steps
  • On-the-fly test reporting
  • Supports code coverage tools
  • Cleanup of NuGet caches to meet the agent free space requirements


You can download the plugin and install it as an additional TeamCity plugin. The latest plugin builds:

Branch Status Download TeamCity
Master Download master
Indore-2017.2.x Download 2017.2.x
Indore-2017.1.x Download 2017.1.x


Note: This plugin is bundled in TeamCity 2017.2+

The current version of plugin is compatible with TeamCity 2017.1+ and .NET CLI 1.0+.


.NET CLI toolkit

To use the dotnet build runner, install .NET CLI and add the .NET CLI tools path to the PATH environment variable.

You can also configure the DOTNET_HOME environment variable for your TeamCity build agent user, for instance:

DOTNET_HOME=C:\Program Files\dotnet\

Reported agent configuration parameters

During initialization this plugin reports the following agent configuration parameters:

Name Description
DotNetCLI The version of found .NET CLI (dotnet) app
DotNetCLI_Path The path to the found .NET CLI (dotnet) app
DotNetCoreSDKx.x_Path The path to the found .NET Core SDK

Known issues

Tests might not be reported correctly for .NET Core xunit test projects when logging verbosity levels is minimal or quiet because of issue.


This project uses gradle as a build system. You can easily open it in IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse.


We appreciate all kinds of feedback, so please feel free to send a PR or file an issue in the TeamCity tracker.