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Find longest length of a line or longest CSV field in a CSV file
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#mll 0.2

Usage: mll [--csv] [inputfile [...]]

Display maximum line length of stdin. Essentially, find the longest run of bytes between newline bytes. Only Unix format text files are supported, with lines terminated by a single newline. If the last line does not end in with a single newline byte, its length will not be considered. Input is always treated as ASCII or single-byte 8-bit characters, not UTF-8 or anything else with wide characters. This program should be significantly faster than using GNU `wc -L'.

If the --csv option is given, then the longest column instead of the longest line will be found. A column in a CSV file is delimited by the beginning of the line, a newline, a carriage return, or a comma. If the last line does not end with a newline or a carriage return, it will be ignored. If a column starts with a double quote, the delimiter will be considered to be a double quote followed by a newline, a carriage return, or a comma, provided that double quote was not preceded by a double quote. CSV files with newlines or carriage returns embedded within double quotes will be tolerated. Two consecutive double quotes within a double quoted string will be counted as two characters; the CSV mode reports the longest field in terms of bytes, not character.

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