nonlinear control optimization tool
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This software solves nonlinear control problems at a high-level very quickly.

Adds to juliaOpt community by:

  • Providing an implementation of direct-collocation methods for solving optimal control problems in julia
  • Solving nonlinear optimal control problems at a high-level
  • Visualizing the solution


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If you are using Linux make sure that you have gfortran to run Ipopt:

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install gfortran
$sudo apt-get liblapack-dev
$sudo apt-get libblas-dev


If you find NLOptControl.jl useful, please cite it:

  author = {{Huckleberry Febbo}},
  title = {NLOptControl.jl},
  url = {},
  version = {0.0.1},
  date = {2017-06-17},


  • JuMP.jl is an important part of this NLOptControl.jl and discussions with Miles Lubin where helpful
  • Chris Rackauckas is a very helpful member of the julia community and has provided me support and advice multiple times his software DifferentialEquations.jl is also part of NLOptControl.jl