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Bukkit plugin that adds some missing protections for Minecraft/WorldGuard 1.9. Download link can be found on SpigotMC.

This plugin is dependant on WorldGuard. It is drop and go and does not require any configuration. You can however disable certain features via a optional config file (use /worldguardfix generate).

Current features

  • Hooks into WorldGuard
  • Fixes potion blacklist, blocked potions can no longer be used
    • Will also check lingering potions and tipped arrows (removes effect of arrows)
  • Disables lingering potions in no splash regions
    • Disables areacloud effect in no splash regions
    • Disables negative areacloud effects in no pvp regions
  • Disables fishing hook in no PvP regions
  • Disable frost walker in no build regions
  • Disable chorus fruit tp in no enderpearl regions
  • Disable placement of boats in no build regions (checks vehicle-place flag)
  • Protect lilypads from being destroyed with boats in regions (will remove boat)
  • Disable placement of endercrystals in no build regions
  • Fixes are toggleable via optional config (generate with /worldguardfix generate)
    • World's can be exempt completely