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Mindcamp X gym-retro talk companion code and images


Here you'll find the code I build while learning the basics of gym-retro and the "videos" (animated GIFs) I recorded for my MindCamp X talk.

The most interesing agent and code is the Golden Axe JERK agent, which is based on the official Open-AI algorithm but I adapted to play this videogame by looking at how it worked with Sonic (as it uses undocummented LUA scripting to achieve less basic reward logic than the configuration-based one).

gym-retro GUI with Smash TV


pip3 install gym-retro

If you wish to use the Integration GUI, you must also download the sources and compile it. Note that, even launching the GUI from the downloaded sources folder, you must load data files and games from the pip installed package (e.g. ~/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/retro/data).

Then to launch the GUI is very easy:

gym-retro$ ./gym-retro-integration

To list all environments/games available, place inside any agent file:


To import games (usually USA ROMs or Steam's SEGA Classics):

sha1sum <path_to_rom>
# compare with  gym-retro/retro/data/stable/<game_name>/rom.sha, and if matches:
python3 -m retro.import <path_to_rom>

To launch any agent, go to its subfolder and, assuming you've already imported the ROM, just run python3 <>. All of them use a file where you can easily change the scenario, number of steps to render between action changes, and the like.


I provide the code for three games, each with miscellaneous agents:

Alleway (GameBoy)

  • A fully random agent
  • A basic non-reinforcement learning AI (just tries to follow the ball with the paddle)
  • An epison greedy agent (not very useful in this game)

Smash TV (Nintendo NES)

  • A fully random agent
  • A decaying epsilon greedy agent

Golden Axe (SEGA Megadrive/Genesis)

  • A decaying epsilon greedy agent
  • A JERK agent (based on Sonic one from OpenAI)

my Golden Axe JERK agent playing the game


Mostly for the Golden Axe JERK agent, I wish I had more time to work on a few things, mostly:

  • Storing a num_frames_without_reward (or with a tiny reward ) and if bigger than a thresold, return True in the done function. This would probably fix the issue of AI enemies going left and the agent going right (so the screen gets stuck).
  • I didn't wanted the agent to be too complex (and thus, require way more time to train), so doesn't moves up, down, neither jumps or uses the special attack.

And in general:

  • Config files evolved with the agents, so the Golden Axe JERK agent uses the most "advanced" config file, having parametrized most data fields. Building a base agent with the proper config and then just swapping the "AI" algorithm would be nice.
  • Allowing (via keypress) to toggle rendering on/off would be great to speed up training. Same with recording, to ignore first scenarios/runs but start after a while