Simple free and open source tool for planning routes
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New Version: route-planner-vue

Please check the new version of my route planner: route-planner-vue.

It's build on top of vue.js, vuex, vue2-google-maps and sortablejs. It includes more features than the current project: draggable directions, polygons, custom icons, poi, reverse geocoding, readonly and collaborate sharing etc.

Old Version: Route Planner v0.1

This is simple, free and open source tool for planning routes, that is based on the Google Maps Api. It uses Google Places Api - SearchBox, AutoComplete, DirectionsService and other. It's built on top of knockout, require and jquery libraries. In fact, this is clone of the Google Maps Engine, and the key differences are:

  • Unlimited layers, directions and markers per map
  • Export/Import map to simple JSON object
  • Setup does not require own hosting - it's possible just to copy files and open index.html locally in browser


Habrahabr article

I've spent about 20 hours for developing the v0.1, and implemented only the necessary functionality. There're a lot of things to do, but the current prototype suits me. So I decided that in case of any interest I'll spend some more time and:

  • Refactor the code and switch google.mapsInfoWindow to the custom one, that works better with knockout
  • Add draggable ability to directions service
  • Add custom marker icons
  • Add polylines and shapes
  • Add image's uploader and parse POI photos and street view

And if You appreciate my work, feel free to contact me.