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KivyInstaller for Windows

It ships Kivy right to you!

Everyone can mess things up even with simple installation or update. In version 1.8.0 there was a batch file for making things easier for beginners or regular users, but this file disappeared as the wheel came in. KivyInstaller is inspired by this kivy.bat file from the old portable package with multiple new functions.

Read the docs or watch a video and find more features!

  1. Create a folder for your Python and place kivy.bat inside. You can do so directly from the command line with:

    mkdir python
    bitsadmin /transfer "GetBatch" "https://git.io/vDDjn" "%cd%\python\kivy.bat"
    cd python
  2. Run kivy.bat, select your Python and Kivy versions, wait.

  3. Enjoy!


If you encounter problems during installation or if it fails without any error raised, check this section in the documentation before submitting an issue - Known Problems.