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Kod*lab, a subsidiary of the Penn Engineering GRASP Lab

Popular repositories

  1. ROS package for the simulation of legged platforms using Gazebo

    Python 24 10

  2. Repo for kodlab SDK for use with mjbots ecosystem

    C++ 7 5

  3. semnav Public

    Forked from vvasilo/semnav

    Reactive Navigation with Semantic Feedback Using ROS

    C++ 5 2

  4. Build instructions and code for a direct-drive ODrive hopper

    C++ 3 1

  5. A MATLAB-ROS implementation of a doubly-reactive, sensor-based homing algorithm for Minitaur, using a LIDAR and range-only target localization.

    MATLAB 2 1

  6. Gazebo simulation environment for testing path planning methods with Turtlebot

    HTML 2 2



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