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Megacoin Core - Around the World!

Build Status

What is Megacoin?

Established on 01th of June 2013, Megacoin from the community for the community. Megacoin has one of the lowest transaction fees on the market while possibly providing the best on-chain scaling solution in the entire crypto-sphere. Take a look at our comparison chart.

Megacoin MEC preserves and implements Bitcoin features such as SegWit, which enables advanced scaling technologies like Lightning Network. Significant differences at launch time included:

  • Unique wallet addresses (prefixes of M and 3 and mex (BIP 173 bench32)
  • Command Fork System
  • Masternode System Dash Core
  • 4,200 MEC for one Masternode
  • 220 Byte Datacarriersize (OP_RETURN)
  • Hashalgorythm Mega-Mec
  • Bitcore Diffshield
  • Travis CI support - soon

For more information, as well as an immediately useable, binary version of the Megacoin Core software, see


Megacoin Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development Process

The master branch is regularly built and tested, but is not guaranteed to be completely stable. Releases are created regularly to indicate new official, stable release versions of Megacoin Core.

The contribution workflow is described in


Testing and code review is the bottleneck for development; we get more pull requests than we can review and test on short notice. Please be patient and help out by testing other people's pull requests, and remember this is a security-critical project where any mistake might cost people lots of money.

Automated Testing

Developers are strongly encouraged to write unit tests for new code, and to submit new unit tests for old code. Unit tests can be compiled and run (assuming they weren't disabled in configure) with: make check. Further details on running and extending unit tests can be found in /src/test/

There are also regression and integration tests, written in Python, that are run automatically on the build server. These tests can be run (if the test dependencies are installed) with: test/functional/

The Travis CI system makes sure that every pull request is built for Windows, Linux, and OS X, and that unit/sanity tests are run automatically.


Megacoin is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Important: We do not accept translation changes as GitHub pull requests because the next pull from Transifex would automatically overwrite them again.