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jonasesr commented Dec 4, 2019

Currently there is no possibility to set up a custom rounding function. Therefore you are limited to the ones that are implemented by default. For my case I need a rounding function that always rounds up (e.g. 0.002 => 0.01 with precision 2, commercial rounding)

It would be nice to pass a callback or a string that describes the rounding mode. If it is a string and the string matches the suppo

wearebasti commented Oct 24, 2019

With the merge of #501 the Money objects are automatically using the decimal_places of the underlying DB-MoneyField (if it exists).

This leads to weird localization behaviour in templates. We use a rather high number of decimal places to ensure correct calculations while displaying rounded localized values to the users.

Expected behaviour would be imo that by default the localization sho

Sonaryr commented Jul 1, 2019

Name of Defective Feature

  • Days Of Buffering

System Settings (Required)

  • ToolKit Version: 2.12.0
  • Operating System (Mac/Windows/Etc): Windows
  • Browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari): Chrome
  • Browser Version: 75.0.3770.100
  • Other Extensions: /

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