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Where am I? (Part 2)

You’re at Scratch’s open source web client wiki! Here you can find information about the repository, and how to contribute to it.

Here are some resources to get familiar with how this repository works:

Here are some ways you can contribute to this repository:

We are always excited to have people join us in working to make Scratch a wonderful place for people of all ages to make projects together. If you’re new here, and looking to jump into our wonderful community, we have some additional resources for you to take a look at:

  • README (if you’re to read only one me in this repo, make it this one – it has all of the necessary information for getting a local Scratch UI running on your machine!)
  • Community Guidelines (we find it important to maintain a constructive and welcoming community, just like on Scratch)
  • Issues – where we keep track of all the things that need fixin’ on the website Road map

Beyond this repo, there are also some other resources that you might want to take a look at:

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