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LNP/BP Association

Non-profit supervising layer 2 & 3 protocols on Bitcoin & Lightning Network

LNP/BP1 Standards Association

We are Swiss non-profit supervising layer 2 & 3 open standards and protocols for Bitcoin & Lightning Network. We are creators of L2 and L3 protocols like RGB, Bifrost, Storm, Prometheus, Kaleidoscope and active builders of #BiFi (bitcoin finance) ecosystem on Lightning. We manage set of LNPBP standards and their opensource reference implementations under permissive MIT & Apache2 licenses. The Association was founded by @dr-orlovsky and @giacomozucco in 2019. You can read more about us on our website, and follow us on Twitter @lnpbp.

LNPBP Standards

The current list of standard can be found here. You can:

Working groups

The reference implementations are split across multiple GitHub organizations, maintained by a working groups inside the Association.

  • @RGB-WG: scalable & confidential smart contracts for Bitcoin & LN with client-side-validation
  • @BP-WG: bitcoin protocol-related developments
  • @LNP-WG: lightning network protocol evolution
  • @Storm-WG: protocol for trustless decentralized & incentivized data storage network on top of Lightning network with bitcoin native payments
  • @Prometheus-WG: protocol for trustless decentralized & incentivized computing network on top of Lightning network with bitcoin native payments
  • @Internet2-WG: AluVM virtual machine and network protocol implementations

Libraries and products

LNP/BP Association is major contributor into @rust-bitcoin projects.

Other reference implementations & products maintained by the Association include:

  • Client-side-validation and rust LNPBP foundation libraries;
  • Descriptor wallet: bitcoin wallet library & cli supporting taproot, multisigs, miniscript, client-side-validation;
  • BP Core Library: implementation of deterministic bitcoin commitments and single-use-seals
  • BP Node: indexing node for bitcoin network (replacement for Electrum server)
  • LNP Core Library: pure rust implementation of lightning network and bifrost protocol
  • LNP Node: rust lightning node supporting bifrost protocol & RGB
  • RGB Core Library: implementation of RGB protocol
  • RGB Node: node for running RGB smart contracts
  • AluVM: virtual machine used in RGB smart contracts and lightning


  1. LNP/BP stands for "Bitcoin Protocol / Lightning Network Protocol"


  1. LNPBPs Public

    LNP/BP Standards for Layer 2 & 3 protocols

    127 21

  2. Slides, visuals and video links that explain Bitcoin L2/L3 technological stack development, curated by LNP/BP Standards Association

    42 6

  3. This is an implementation defining standard for client-side-validation

    Rust 7 5

  4. rust-lnpbp Public

    Library implementing LNPBP standards related to client-side-validation paradigm

    Rust 64 29

  5. invoices Public

    Libraries for universal LNP/BP invoices covering Bitcoin, LN & RGB (LNPBP-38 standard)

    Rust 5 3

  6. docker Public

    Docker containers by LNP/BP Standards Association

    Dockerfile 4 6