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A Minecraft mod about superability. The inspiration of AcademyCraft comes from A Certain Scientific Railgun (とある科学の超電磁砲) but the mod content is not limited of the background.

Visit AcademyCraft's Website to get the latest release and know more about it.

Issue(Idea, Bug) Submission

Please go to Issues and submit a new ticket.



Simply use gradlew build. If you encounter Unknown constant: 18 error, gradlew build again and it should be fine.


We recommend use Intellij IDEA. Eclipse is untested and unsupported.

You must have scala plugin installed.

To setup a Intellij IDEA workspace:

./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace idea

then you can open the .ipr project file and start developing.


Any localization help is greatly appreciated! Please submit the PR to dev branch. Proper credits for the translator will be given in the next version's release. Note that contents include Lang files and Tutorial texts.



You can support developement of AcademyCraft by donating. This will secure us more time to make the mod more intriguing!

You would also be able to be in our donator list, both on website and in-game 🍺



  • Alipay:


All versions of AcademyCraft are licensed under GPLv3.

And all versions of AcademyCraft are additionally licensed as following:

Prohibits any person, company, business, organization, etc. from selling AcademyCraft and its contents in any form, including but not limited to paid downloads (including but not limited to various legal currencies, virtual currency, game token, etc.) AcademyCraft's items, the sale of AcademyCraft ability within the game, etc.

AcademyCraft will collect your in-game mod usage data (level-up, use skill, etc.) and upload to a server for pure data analytic purpose. The data is guaranteed to be anonymous and will not contain any personal data (e.g. username). The feature is optional and you can turn it off via config.

Lambda Innovation retains the copyright, the right of authorship, the ownership, etc. of AcademyCraft, regardless of all agreements, and any provision that requires these rights or a part of them is deemed invalid.

Lambda Innovation reserves the right of final interpretation and reserves the right to deny all agreements to revoke all authorizations.



禁止任何个人、公司、企业、组织等以任何形式出售 AcademyCraft 及其内容,包括但不限于付费下载(包括但不限于各种法定货币、虚拟货币、虚拟币、游戏代币等),游戏内出售 AcademyCraft 物品,游戏内出售 AcademyCraft 能力等。

AcademyCraft 会在游戏中收集玩家对 mod 的使用 (升级,使用技能等) 数据并上传至服务器,用于分析和改进 mod。我们保证数据是匿名的,不包含任何个人信息(如用户名等)。此功能为可选的并可通过配置文件关闭。



Modpack permission

Yes. >)

Regarding Toaru Magic Index

Many people have been asking questions about whether or how much the mod will be related to the original story A Certain Magic Index. Our answer is that although AC is based on the Railgun, which is a spinoff of Index, the mod will only focus on the science side of the story, and thus just loosely related to Index.

The mod is dedicated to build an interesting experience evolved around the idea of superability, that's really everything.