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LDPL 4.4 'Friendly Falcarius'

@Lartu Lartu released this
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LDPL 4.4 'Friendly Falcarius'


This is LDPL 4.4 'Friendly Falcarius'. Rawrrr! This release fixes all the bugs found in LDPL 4.3, introduces os-specific flags, increases the usability of multicontainers and marks a new milestone in the history of LDPL.


Release 4.4.3 (up to 75b9a48)

  • Fixed Some nested multicontainer accesses were not working as they should (#166) (0567ea9).
  • Fixed The modulo operator was losing precision when working with negative values (d075883).

Release 4.4.2 (up to 763fbb3)

  • Added Added an (i386) note to the version information of the 32 bit release of LDPL so it reads LDPL 4.4.2 (i386) when compiled for x86 platforms (3e42d10).
  • Changed Moved the definitions of the methods of the LDPL data type classes from ldpl-types.h into the LDPL compiler (fac88b9).

Release 4.4.1 (up to 10a2caa)

  • Fixed The compiler wasn't identifying : as invalid code and tried to compile it, triggering C++ compiler errors (f10b7c0).
  • Changed The LDPL man page has been updated to the latest version of the documentation (c95030e).

Release 4.4 (up to 956d048)

  • Added Alternative "of" syntax added for multicontainer declaration (be03a8e).
  • Fixed File loading now loads files without line breaks at the end correctly (70afa2c).
  • Fixed Sub-procedure parameters weren't working when declared as multicontainers (ba24719).
  • Changed The PUSH MAP statement now works with multi-dimensional lists (f309f6b).
  • Added The FOR EACH statement now can be used with multicontainers (c50a614).
  • Added OS names can now be used with the FLAG statement to set OS-specific flags (24a8404).
  • Fixed The USING PACKAGE statement wasn't working in 4.3 and has been fixed (76233a0).

Known Bugs and Workarounds

Visit the LDPL 4.4 release webpage.

Source Code

The source code for this release can be downloaded below.


Linux i386 and Linux amd64 binaries are provided below.

LDPL 4.4 also runs on i386 and amd64 BSD systems, 32 and 64 bit macOS, mac OS X, ARMv8 Linux, Android Termux, PPC Linux and PPC OS X. If you are on one of these platforms, please download the source code and compile LDPL yourself by following the instructions detailed on In order to build and use the LDPL compiler, a C++11 compiler is required on your $PATH.