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Welcome to the NPL wiki!

NPL or Neural Parallel Language is an open source, fast, general purpose scripting language. Its syntax is 100%-compatible with lua. NPL runtime provides essential functionality for building 3D/2D/Server applications that runs on windows/Mac/linux/android/iOS. NPL can mix user-mode preemptive and non-preemptive code. It gives you the concurrency of Erlang and speed of Java/C++ in the same dynamic and weakly-typed language.

NPL技术交流QQ群 543474853, 你有问题也可以点击 ❓ Ask Question

NPL wiki is also available at, you can also perform full-text search in the search bar.

Install Guide

git clone
git submodule init && git submodule update

See Install Guide for details

Getting Started

Example code

local function activate()
   if(msg) then
      print( or "");
   NPL.activate("(gl)helloworld.lua", {data="hello world!"})

Why a New Programming Language?

NPL prototype was designed in 2004, which was then called 'parallel oriented language'. NPL is initially designed to write flexible algorithms that works in a multi-threaded, and distributed environment with many computers across the network. More specifically, I want to have a language that is suitable for writing neural network algorithms, 3d simulation and visualization. Lua and C/C++ affinity was chosen from the beginning.


To run with GUI, use:

    npl [parameters...]

To run in server mode, use:

    npls [filename] [parameters...]

For example:

    npls hello.lua
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