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Global statistics page for LibCrowds, designed to integrate with the libcrowds-pybossa-theme and provide a bit more control over how analytical data is generated on the platform. It's also a nice excuse to generate pretty charts.


Copy the libcrowds_statistics folder into your PyBossa plugins directory. The plugin will be available after you next restart the server.


The plugin makes a new global statistics page available at:


In order to generate location based statistics for all users this plugin also registers an event listener to record IP addresses for all new task runs (the PyBossa default is to record IP addresses for anonymous users only). All other statistics are generated from the standard PyBossa data.


If using the libcrowds-pybossa-theme the Statistics link on the main navigation bar will point to the page defined in this plugin.


This plugin makes use of the PyBossa test suite while running tests. The Travis CI configuration file contains all of the required commands to set up a test environment and run the tests.


See the CONTRIBUTING file for guidelines on how to suggest improvements, report bugs or submit pull requests.