Bielefeld Workshop November 29 30 2012

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State of the Union by Nicolas Steenlant

Work to be done

  • More examples how to use the 'catmandu' command line tool
  • More examples how to create custom 'Fix' routines
  • More examples how to create custom 'Importer' modules
  • Suggestion to create a Catmandu Cookbook using github Gists
  • New importers for:
    • Inspire (done by Bielefeld)
    • Mendeley
    • OPDS
  • Need for preprocessing of data (UTF-8 fixes, cleaning of bad formatted XML)
  • Need for an annotated ElasticSearch configuration and mapping
    • Howto: sorting, highlighting,didyoumean,autocomplete
    • Tool to generate EL configs
  • Interest in a combined search on several bags
  • Interest in a common metadata format: BibJSON,JSONLD
  • Interest in providing map/reduce of a Catmandu::Store supports it
  • Johann Rolschewski (ZDB) presented Catmandu-MAB
  • Creation of the Catmandu::Registry starts supporting component, registry of services
  • Creation of LibreCore repository, which will provide core services to LibreCat applications, starting with multi-level configuration loading.