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🍑 FoodCMS™ is the "Yummy CMS" 😋, which gives all information you need to know about every food item you bought in a grocery store.
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FoodCMS™ 😋 (from the maker of Lifyzer™)

FoodCMS™ is a real "Food CMS" solution and a "Food Search Engine" 💪 to make foodstuffs much more transparent than it has never been before! 🙂

The Requirements ⚙️

The Creator! 💡

I'm Pierre-Henry Soria, a Cool, Passionate & Enthusiasm Software Engineer 😃 (Happy 🤗, and in Excellent Health 🧡 thanks the Lifyzer App!)

You can always reach me at hi [[AT]] ph7 [[D0T]] me! I will be pleased to talk with you! 😊

Project Website 🚀

🍇 Lifyzer️, Healthy Food Solution™ 🥥

Setting It Up ⚙️

  1. Run composer install to install the project's dependencies.
  2. In ~/Server/config/, rename .env.dist to .env and edit the details in there.
  3. Start a local development server php -S
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