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Lifyzer, Healthy Food Solution™️

🍓 Lifyzer Healthy Food gives instantly the score of the food you want to eat 🥥


  1. FoodCMS Public

    🍑 FoodCMS™ is the "Yummy CMS" 😋, which gives all information you need to know about every food item you bought in a grocery store.

    PHP 13 4

  2. 🍎 Simple script that parses data from open source databases to the standard Lifyzer DB structure 🍏

    PHP 5 4

  3. 🚀 The Lifyzer, native food scanner Android app 😋

    Java 19 9

  4. 📱The Native iOS iPhone Food Scanner app 🍏 Built with Swift.

    Objective-C 3 1

  5. 🗄 Lifyzer Database is a fork of Open Food Facts database. This Lifyzer Database structure meets the specific needs of Lifyzer with new fields (and remove the unused ones) 🍍

    TSQL 8 4

  6. 🍓 Allows users to add new products and allows admins to moderate them easily 🥝

    PHP 5 2


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