Camoco is a fully-fledged software package for building co-expression networks and analyzing the overlap interactions among genes.
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Co-Analysis of Molecular Components

Camoco Workflow Camoco is a python library for building and analyzing co-expression networks. Currently, networks are generally built from gene expression data, but given that the input to Camoco is simply a gene-by-sample expression matrix, there is not reason that the analysis couldn't include things like protein abundance or metabolites. Hence the name: co-analysis of molecular components. Very briefly, Camoco creates co-expression networks using table formatted expression data and and a few common genome data files.


Camoco was developed using python >=3.6 and requires numpy to be installed. Otherwise install the latest tagged version with pip:

$ pip install numpy
$ pip install camoco

Or install the latest developmental version by cloning the github repository:

$ pip install numpy
$ git clone
$ cd Camoco
$ python install


Once installed, the camoco command will be available through the terminal. See camoco --help for options!


Documentation is available here:

Code Of Conduct

We expect users to be excellent to each other as well as to provide supportive and engaging conversations regardless of each others backgrounds or identities. If you'd like to know specifics, Camoco shares the same code of conduct as the Mozilla Science Lab. Follow the link to learn more.