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Notes that change the world

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Butterfly is a note app where your ideas come first. You can paint, add texts, and export them easily on every device. This app works on android, windows, linux, and in the web.


  • ⚑ Simple and intuitive Every tool is in the right place. Open the app and start drawing. Change your tools by clicking on it.
  • 🎨 Customizable Change everything to your needs. Choose your custom color, create a palette, and add your pages to the paper. The paper has an infinite size, perfect for your ideas and notes.
  • πŸ“ Imporable/Exportable Import and export your ideas and notes as a PDF, an image or as SVG.
  • πŸ’» Your data will be saved locally. Everything will be saved locally on your computer. Export the notes as images or as json files which can be opened on a different device.

I need your help

You can help me to make this app better. You can report issues, request features or develop. Click here for more information. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask questions. You can reach me on discord or at


Name ⚑ Butterfly ⚑ OneNote
Add texts, draw, erase βœ… βœ…
Organizing your ideas in folders βœ… βœ…
Web version βœ… βœ…
Synchronization βœ… βœ…
Free βœ… ⚠️ (Basic version is free)
Offline support βœ… ⚠️ (Only supports offline mode in the windows app)
Image export βœ… ⚠️ (Only supports printing)
Infinite drawing board βœ… ⚠️ (Only supports moving in the positive direction)
Linux support βœ… ❌
Local βœ… ❌
Opensource βœ… ❌


The code is open source and licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license. All images in app/images/ except powered-by-vercel.svg and all images in docs/ are licensed under the CC-BY-4.0 license.