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↑# TheoTown-translation Here everybody can help to localize TheoTown to other languages.

Every directory contains a values.xml file. The corresponding languages are:
values-ca: Catalan
values-cs: Czech
values-de: German <- Always up to date
values-es: Spanish
values-fr: French
values-hu: Hungary
values-in: Indonesian
values-it: Italian
values-ja: Japanese
values-ko: Korean
values-ms: Malay, Indonesian
values-nl: Dutch
values-pl: Polish
values-pt: Portuguese
values-pr: Pirate
values-ru: Russian
values-sr: Serbian
values-th: Thai
values-tr: Turkish
values-uk: Ukrainian
values-zh-rTW: Traditional Chinese
values-zh: Chinese
values: English (default language) <- Always up to date

For more two letter language codes see You might just add an apropriate directory in order to add a new language. English and German translations will always be up to date. The others can be built from them.

How translation works:
Each values.xml file contains lines of the form
<tagname>"My translation"</tagname>
You have just to translate the part in between (here "My Translation"). Special characters like \n might be used to indicate a new line. When your translation is done, make sure to create a 'pull request' so it can be merged to main branch. If you forget to do that step your translation won't be added to the main branch. Follow 2kluvu to find some great stuff.


Here everybody can help to localize TheoTown to other languages.




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