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For details see: JsonBenchmark


Yet another JSON/YAML/BSON serialization library for C++.

Unlike other libraries this one does not require you to build DOM of you object before serialization. Using a declarative C++ style you define what C++ classes (and members) you want to serialize "ThorSerializer" will generate the appropriate code automagically.


Can be installed via brew on Mac and Linux

brew install thors-serializer

Header Only

To install header only version

git clone --single-branch --branch header-only

Version 2

I have deprecated the jsonImport() and jsonExport() functions. These have been replaced with jsonImporter() and jsonExporter() functions (though the original versions still exist but are marked [[deprecated]]). The main difference is that the new functions catch exceptions (by default) this makes the serialization work like normal C++ serialization and simply set the bad bit on the stream.


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