The game of Battleship written in Rust.
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Battleship ... in Rust.

Game Screenshot

This is the game of Battleship written in Rust.

I wrote this while trying to learn Rust, so pardon the nieve implementations.

I'll have a post up at about the experience soon.

Running the Game

You must have Rust installed.

cargo build
cargo run

Rules of Battleship


  • horizontally by letters A through I
  • vertically by numbers 1 through 10


  • Aircraft carrier: 5 spaces
  • Battleship: 4 spaces
  • Destroyer: 3 spaces
  • Submarine: 3 spaces
  • Patrol: 2 spaces

Game Play

  • When you start a game, the Ships are randomly placed on your board (and the computer's board).
  • You get prompted for coordinates for your next torpedo.
  • As you build up hits/misses, you start to hone in on the enemy ships.
  • Sink all the ships to win the game.