MP-Test – A unit testing framework for Matlab and Octave.
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MP-Test is a set of functions for implementing unit testing in MATLAB or Octave. It was initially developed for MATPOWER, and is used by MATPOWER, MATPOWER Interior Point Solver (MIPS) and MATPOWER Optimal Scheduling Tool (MOST).


Installation and use of MP-Test requires familiarity with the basic operation of MATLAB or Octave, including setting up your MATLAB path.

  1. Clone the repository or download and extract the zip file of the MIPS distribution from the MP-Test project page to the location of your choice. The files in the resulting mptest or mptestXXX directory, where XXX depends on the version of MP-Test, should not need to be modified, so it is recommended that they be kept separate from your own code. We will use <MPTEST> to denote the path to this directory.

  2. Add the following directories to your MATLAB/Octave path:

    • <MPTEST>/lib
    • <MPTEST>/lib/t
  3. At the MATLAB prompt, type test_mptest to run the test suite and verify that MP-Test is properly installed and functioning. The result should resemble the following:

  >> test_mptest
  All tests successful (1 of 1)
  Elapsed time 0.01 seconds.


  • Write test functions of the following form, where t_ok and t_is are used to test for specific conditions or matches, respectively.
  function mytest1(quiet)
  if nargin < 1
    quiet = 0;
  t_begin(4, quiet);
  t_ok(pi > 3, 'size of pi');
  if exist('my_unimplemented_functionality', 'file')
    t_ok(1, 'unimplemented_test1');
    t_ok(1, 'unimplemented_test2');
    t_skip(2, 'not yet written');
  t_is(2+2, 4, 12, '2+2 still equals 4');
  • Then run your test function:
  >> mytest1
  ok 1 - size of pi
  skipped tests 2..3 : not yet written
  ok 4 - 2+2 still equals 4
  All tests successful (2 passed, 2 skipped of 4)
  Elapsed time 0.00 seconds.
  • If you have several test functions, create a function to run them all as follows:
  function test_everything(verbose)
  if nargin < 1
    verbose = 0;
  tests = {};
  tests{end+1} = 'mytest1';
  tests{end+1} = 't_test_fcns';

  t_run_tests( tests, verbose );
  • Run all of your tests at once. The output may look something like:
  >> test_everything
  mytest1........ok (2 of 4 skipped)
  All tests successful (3 passed, 2 skipped of 5)
  Elapsed time 0.02 seconds.


The primary source of documentation for MP-Test is the built-in help command. As with the built-in functions and toolbox routines in MATLAB and Octave, you can type help followed by the name of a command or M-file to get help on that particular function. All of the M-files in MP-Test have such documentation and this should be considered the main reference for the calling options for each function, namely:: t_begin, t_end, t_ok, t_is, t_skip and t_run_tests.


Please see our contributing guidelines for details on how to contribute to the project or report issues.


MP-Test is distributed under the 3-clause BSD license.